Northeast Wisconsin Chapter

SCI Northeast Wisconsin Chapter
By: Mark Jablonic, President

Normally when I have a hard time starting one of these articles, it’s because of the stress of trying to get it done on time. And that is part of it. But I thought the words would flow like a Wisconsin river in the springtime, since this is my last article as president of the Northeast chapter. Marty Witczak is our president-elect and he will be regaling you with his thoughts and insights in the future. Help me wish him well with strong leadership.


We had an election at our May, annual member’s meeting. I want to thank those members who agreed to stay on the Board. Re-elected were: Kevin Ott, Otto Reetz, Mark Snyder, Bobbi Windus, and “The Silver Fox” Jim Slezak. I want to welcome and congratulate our two newest Board members, Kathryn Thede and Aaron Krejcarek. Thank you for stepping up.


Who among you would like the opportunity to legally shoot an elk or a wolf in Wisconsin? Due to an elk/wolf, predator/prey study many of the chapters are helping support here in Wisconsin, you may one day get that chance. We know wolves eat elk but the DNR isn’t sure how many. We know that Wisconsin’s elk herd isn’t reproducing as fast as other states, like Kentucky, because they have no wolves. And, we suspect there are more wolves than what the carrying target was set for Wisconsin. Once we can quantify the impact on the elk herd by the wolves preying on them, then we can justify another wolf hunt in this state. Dan Storm, with the DNR, contacted Region 16 Rep. Charmaine Wargolet, to see if the chapters would be interested in helping pay for 1 collar to put on a wolf to help make this determination. Well, the chapters really stepped up and we will be providing 3 collars for the study. The sooner we have the necessary data the sooner we may have those hunts.


Do you know what the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program is? You need to because you’re going to want to contact your legislators to let them know you want them to support it. It was started in 1989 and since then it has helped protect over 800,000 acres of public land in our state. But it is going to end on June 30, 2020 unless it is reauthorized. The Stewardship’s goal is to acquire land, protect natural resources, improve water quality and provide public access.


Wisconsin sportsmen and women need the Governor and the Legislature to work together to reauthorize the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Fund in the current state budget so it does not expire on June 30, 2020. Wisconsin’s hunting, fishing and trapping depends on public land for future generations. It is up to you to contact your state legislators to request their support for Stewardship. Not sure who your legislator is? Go to You can call Governor Evers at 608-266-1212 and let him know how you feel. Don’t wait on this, it’s important. Do it right after you finish this.


In conclusion, hunt and fish safely, wear your PFD and remember SCI memberships make great gifts. I’m so glad as a kid my mother told me “ Go outside and play”.


Now go outside and play.




I look forward to seeing you September 11th
for our next monthly member's meeting.