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Last Updated: Tuesday July 02, 2019


All prospective bidders should visit these donors websites to see all of what they have to offer.
Donation descriptions are condensed, additional fees, taxes and conditions may apply.
Please see disclaimer at bottom of this page and read the Auction and Raffle Conditions page.


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“Saturday Night Live Auction”

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We also have numerous additional Artwork, Merchandise and Firearms on our
Silent Auction Tables and Raffle Boards.


SCI-Northeast Wisconsin Chapter, while receiving benefits from this fundraiser in no way guarantees
or is responsible for the inclusion, deletion or modification of these hunts before the banquet
or the quality of the hunts, for the satisfaction of either the buyer or the donor, for price changes in
fees that are not part of the donation or changes in Government regulation.


All items are sold or raffled ‘as is’. The Chapter does not make or express any warranties
or representation of any kind, or nature with respect to the item or hunt description, genuineness,
attributions, provenance, or condition.  Any warranties with respect to items or hunts are those
solely and expressly supplied by the manufacture or donor.


"All Firearms, Raffle Items and Silent Auction Items are Subject to Availability". Raffle ticket purchasers, auction
bidders and all winners must meet all age requirements and be in compliance with all local, state and federal laws.


African and International Hunts: If you are interested in bidding on an African Safari or International
Hunt and are unfamiliar with the daily fee / trophy fee system outfitters use, please talk to an
SCI member who has been there or one of the outfitters prior to the auction to make sure you
understand what is and what is not included in the donation.


All Hunts: Unless otherwise stated, assume that the license / tag fees, taxidermy, dipping,
packing and shipping of trophies along with all taxes are not included in the donations. Also, unless stated,
it is the hunter’s responsibility to apply for and secure licenses, confirm dates with the outfitter and take the
hunt / trip for the time period listed in the description of the donation. Unless otherwise stated all monies stated
in descriptions are in US dollars. It is also assumed that transportation to and from hunting location is
not included in the donation along with any before or after lodging and meals.


"The Northeast Wisconsin Chapter of Safari Club International reserves the right to add, delete, modify or
change any offering or offerings prior to the auction".




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