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Michelle's Amazing AWLS Experience

by Michelle Howe, AWLS 2017 graduate, Lodi Middle School 6th Grade Science, 6th-8th Grade Agriscience


Dear Safari Club International – Northeast Wisconsin Chapter,


Thank you for sponsoring my scholarship to attend the 2016 American Wilderness Leadership School near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. As you may know my 2016 workshop was cancelled due to a wildfire that struck near the camp a 3 days before my scheduled departure last July. So I was able to attend this summer 2017 as a representative from Wisconsin!


Wow! What an amazing experience I had throughout this workshop. Thank you for sponsoring me. Without your sponsorship I would not have been able to attend this professional development adventure. From day 1 I was in awe of not only the sights, but of the staff that ran and taught the program. It was so well organized and the entire staff facilitated learning so well, just like a well oiled machine. Learning from people that actually are involved in the topic and have first hand experiences with topics made the workshop even better. I loved having a large group of peers available with to collaborate with and learn from as well.


The week long experience started out heavy with ecology and conservation, we were literally knee deep in our learning looking at native plants, aquatic ecology and terrestrial ecology. As the week progressed I was able to have experiences that I have never done before, shooting guns and archery. What a neat experience, not only did I learn proper gun handling, safety and shooting techniques, but also really good teaching techniques that I can bring back to my classroom. By the end of the experience it was all brought together with ideas and experiences that I can bring back to my classroom and share and excite my students about wildlife, conservation, ecology, and most importantly being good environmental stewards of this earth.


Once again thank you for this opportunity to attend the Safari Club’s American Wilderness Leadership school, the information I learned is priceless, and will be impacting students for years to come!



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