Northeast Wisconsin Chapter

SCI Northeast Wisconsin Chapter
By: Mark Jablonic, President

I’ve been watching spotted fawns frolicking in the pond in my backyard, young bucks in velvet eating my wife’s raspberry bushes and a flock of 13 toms, with beards that are easily more than a foot long, pass through my back yard like clockwork this past week. I thank my wife all the time for buying this lot to build our house. Relatives are always asking “why” there are pairs of binoculars all over the house. Then, when they see the wildlife showing up they know why. I love watching these critters. I believe it makes me a better hunter. I can’t explain it to people who won’t understand it.


If you’re like me, you’re one of the other 38,485 other applicants who got a “thank you” note from Kevin Wallenfang of the DNR, for applying for Wisconsin’s inaugural elk hunt. My contribution to the elk conservancy of Wisconsin. If you’re one of the 4 lucky applicants who drew an elk tag and you’re reading this, I envy you. This reminds me of when I applied for a Wisconsin wolf tag. Well, there’s always next year.


By the time you’re reading this, we’re either into or very close to various hunting seasons. There’s the archery opener, which I won’t make as one of my daughters is getting married that day. (Sometimes we all have to make sacrifices). There’s fall turkey, small game, upland birds, migratory birds, fall bear, and fishing. Man I love this time of year!


Speaking of seasons, the Wisconsin Youth Deer hunt is October 6-7 this year. If you know of someone who would like to start deer hunting, this is a great opportunity. Remember when you started? If it hadn’t been for that person that got you started, where would you be?


The Disabled Hunter hunt is October 6-14. If you know of someone who could use a hand up, give it to them. Just imagine if you weren’t able to get around on your own or without help.


I want to take a moment to give a “shout out” to two of our Board members, Mary and Otto Reetz. They help veterans through their Wounded Warriors United of Wisconsin organization. You may have seen Otto’s story of a veteran’s bear hunt with his granddaughter in the last issue of HUNTERS. They had an event on August 11 at Skipper Bud’s in Oshkosh. They took 50 veterans out fishing for salmon and trout on Lake Michigan. As I understand it, all the 25 captains donated their time, boats and crews. Afterwards, the Vets got fishing rods and other prizes. A really big “thank you” to those people.


I want our members to look for their yellow cards in the mail, as our meetings will start up again in September. Don’t forget to bring a friend. SCI memberships make a great gift. Check out our website at This organization only exists because of your love for the outdoors and the hobbies you enjoy outdoors. Help us preserve your rights. We’re lucky in that we have a government now that is pro-hunting. Remember the last one? We can’t get complacent.


As you exercise your rights this fall, do it intelligently, safely, ethically and with the belief that the chase is as important as the harvest. Remember to drain and clean in between. Now go outside and play.


Now go outside and play.





I look forward to seeing you Nov. 14th at Stadium View in Green Bay, WI for our next Membership Meeting.